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Functional Service Areas

Strategic Planning Alignment

Daily issues get in the way of making sure that you are stepping back and getting your bearings on meeting your goals and objectives.

Remember all that work that went into developing your business plan and how often you meant to pull it out again and review it.  How come it looks really complicated or unrelated to what you are dealing with every day.

This is where I can help.  A new perspective can identify the disconnects between the plan and reality and align them so that goals are reflected in the plan and real time action plans link the ideal to reality. 

I work with you and your staff to ensure understanding and commitment since I am interested in results and not another document for your files. 

This method has proven to be effective with government programs, business management, and non-profit organizations. 

Project duration is a function of the degree of follow-up and metrics tracking that you need to demonstrate effective results. 

Business Process Improvement and Coaching

This is a regular process in manufacturing, major corporations, and government.  It can be an asset to any size business when it is scaled to the right size and can yield regular cost savings no matter how small the business. 

You can’t control everything and a lot of small changes can have a significant impact to your business operations.  Most business processes need to be reviewed and adjusted at least every 5 years to compensate for accumulated impacts to keep on mission and profitable.

I offer focused reviews that result in employee ownership of the changes not just a great report for your bookshelf.  My approach follows the standard Lean Six Sigma but has been tailored thru experience on government programs to scale to the level of the organization and its needs.

Professional Services Marketing and Proposal Development

Marketing resources are an expense that we can’t afford but always seem to need.  I have learned marketing thru experience by doing it for over 30 years in consulting for engineering and management consulting firms and can integrate into existing proposal and capture teams to provide needed resources when you need them.

Is it time to review your marketing program and adjust for the changing political and regulatory environment?  I can facilitate the review process or provide outside perspective on its alignment to your goals and the client marketplace.

Is your proposal success rate less than expected?  Post submission reviews can also be provided to better plan for future efforts and increase your win rate. 

Contract and Project Management Services

The concept of contract and project management is to provide services in accordance with agreed upon scope, schedule, and budget so that both parties are satisfied with the results.  This only happens when both parties have developed and communicated realistic expectations to each other and maintain a regular interaction to stay in sync and happy with the results.

So how do we get to these ideal conditions?  It is more than adhering to scope, schedule, and budget requirements and often requires a careful review of how did we get to this point to figure out a plan forward when things get out of control.  I can provide business coaching for contract and project managers to find out where the hidden problems are and what needs to be done to get back on track.  I can also take on assignments to step in and work to re-establish a working relationship with clients and contracting offices when that is your best course of action. 

I bring experience as the technical client, commercial client marketing, and government contract capture, proposal development, and contract management responsibility for major contracts.


Infrastructure and Environmental Subject Matter Expert

I can provide facilities and environmental technical oversight and services that address most elements of the facility life cycle. Conditional, Baseline, and Environmental Assessments to establish the basis for any future actions. Regulatory Compliance audits and program evaluations to allow for integrated actions that minimize compliance issues. Remedial action planning and oversight to assure effective mitigation of hazards. Program data collection and management reporting assessments to assure the most cost effective approach to metrics and decision support.