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Booz Allen Hamilton


Management Consultant

  • Provide program management for a technical team supporting clients on environmental, energy, and infrastructure programs. 
  • Delivered over $100 million in Navy and Marine Corps Environmental Program contracts successfully executed on time and within budget.
  • Served as an Action officer for the Environmental Readiness Division of the Chief of Navy Operations (CNO) and contributed on Department of Defense workgroups, interagency task forces, and Community outreach efforts.
  • Expanded development of the Navy’s Environmental Liabilities Assessment and Reporting program working with the office of CNO N45 and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and Chief of Naval Installations Command (CNIC). 
  • Orchestrated Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Business Process Improvement events for the Navy’s environmental program including an analysis for the CNO on the Navy’s funding processes for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) employing techniques from LSS, Constraint Management, and Capability Maturity Modeling.
  • Provided LSS program management to the CNIC Comptroller’s office for the Business Process improvement efforts part of the Navy’s Internal Controls program for full reporting of financial liabilities on the Navy’s Financial Statements. 
  • Produced two energy program Environmental Assessments for MCAS Miramar for fast track project execution of new energy micro grid and alternative energy sources.

Versar, Inc.


Environmental Risk Manager

  • Managed and trained up to 25 environmental auditors for commercial, industrial, and compliance related audits.  Developed standard training programs and expanded the use of electronic data retrieval systems in audits. 
  • Managed the insurance and merger/acquisition on-site assessments of manufacturing facilities which conducted over 500 site visits per year, involving over 20 environmental auditors nationwide and average sales of $1.5 million per year.
  • Program Manager for AIG Insurance program support for environmental impairment liability (EIL) insurance audit programs.  Clients included: major chemical manufacturers, solvent and waste oil recycling facilities, low-level radioactive waste storage facilities, fuel oil terminals, landfills, manufacturing plants, and hazardous waste contractors, treatment, and disposal facilities.

Versar, Inc.


Business Development Manager

  •   Managed and conducted business development activities for the development of new business relationships and the continued maintenance of existing clients for all services provided in the insurance, banking and property investor industries. 
  • Developed and implemented new product marketing efforts that increased revenues by an average of $2M annually. 
  • Produced and managed an average of 10 government proposals annually resulting in new contracts valued at $2M.

 Versar, Inc.

Environmental Assessment Division Manager

  • Division provided environmental and industrial hygiene assessment and remediation services to commercial and government clients.  Division services addressed chemical and biological sources and impacts on potential receptor populations. 
  • Generated $10M annual revenues in assessment services and maintained targeted profitability. 
  • Produced cost estimates of technical projects and performed many insurance and merger/acquisition assessments at manufacturing facilities.  Projects included studies, extensive field sample collection programs, operational inspections, and contaminate remediation.    
  • Established cost estimates for remediation and long term O&M programs for clients to manage or mitigate environmental liabilities and corporate financial reporting. 
  • Captured and managed the Norfolk Southern Environmental Impact Statement for the acquisition of Conrail including the production of the draft and final documents and the 5 year implementation of mitigation actions established in the final agreement.

Environmental Protection Agency


Environmental Engineer

  • Responsible for establishing EPA's technical requirements for the approval of Superfund remedial actions to clean up uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.  Examples of the Superfund sites are:  Love Canal; Price's Landfill, NJ; Sylvester site, Nashua, NH; and Burnt Fly, Bog, NJ. 
  • Performed QA/QC protocol reviews on RIs/FSs performed under all state contracts prior to EPA's Record of Decisions (RODs), and technical oversight and assistance to all State led Superfund projects in three EPA Regions to ensure technical adequacy and compliance with the requirements of the National Contingency Plan and all other environmental regulations (e.g., RCRA, TSCA, CWA).
  • Managed technical contractor task orders to develop and analyze sampling databases from Superfund sites for effective risk management decision making.
  • Initiated National Academy of Science peer review of all technical data and studies as basis for Love Canal Re-Habitation Study that led to the reuse of homes that were evacuated and reduced the local housing crisis.
  •  Responsible for developing stream flow and contaminant concentration data modeling to conduct environmental assessments of toxic pollutants discharged to surface waters from industrial and urban point sources for EPA regulatory decisions on technology effectiveness and applicability. 
  • Provided the environmental perspectives for regulatory decisions concerning industrial Best Available Technology (BAT) effluent limitations and standards, as required under the Clean Water Act (CWA), for such industries as the metal finishing, electroplating, ore mining, and organic chemicals industries. 
  • Provided analytical analysis support for EPA studies on wastewater discharges and navigable waterways to identify discharge and recreational use impacts for technology considerations and regulatory consideration.  

US Navy


Environmental Engineer

  • Responsible for the survey and assessment of industrial operations for environmental impact and the development of waste treatment options at Navy and Marine Corps facilities to assure environmental compliance and operational effectiveness. 
  • Approved all projects submitted for inclusion in the Navy's pollution abatement program to assure the technical adequacy of plans being proposed to Congress. 
  • Provided managerial and technical support for the Navy's program to locate, survey, assess, and remediate past industrial waste disposal sites that included developing national policy directives, activity survey manual, and operational guidelines. 
  •  Conducted over 25 naval activity environmental baseline surveys to develop federal compliance corrective action programs including the establishment and funding of projects to assure continued compliance.
  • Provided water and wastewater engineering support for facilities in 23 states including the approval and funding of utility improvements and repairs to assure mission readiness.
  • Approved construction plans and conducted technical oversight of construction projects related to environmental discharges.