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Upcoming Seminars

Currently developing a series of short seminars on following topics.   Watch this site for announcements on when they will be presented in public venues or contact me to arrange for group presentations

Strategic Planning Alignment

How to react when reality intrudes on a great business plan

Business Process Improvement
You can’t control everything and a lot of small changes can have a significant impact to your business operations.  Most business processes need to be reviewed and adjusted at least every 5 years to compensate for accumulated impacts to keep on mission and profitable

Professional Services Marketing and Proposal Development
When is a business opportunity worth your time and effort?

o   Proposal decision and management strategies

o   Who is your ideal target market

Contract and Project Management

It’s easy – just scope, schedule, and budget right or wrong?

Identifying trends in Infrastructure and Environmental Business Markets

We know change is coming in these markets but how do we stay ahead of the curve?